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8 students of ACET won laurels for EU at ALGORYTHM'12 (Tech Fest at Chitkara University, Baddi) on 16th-17th March 2012. || A record setting Blood Donation Camp organised by Eternal University, Baru Sahib with 475 units of blood collected and 80% females donating for a noble cause. || Eternal University, Baru Sahib organises International Conference on Recent Advances in Electronics & Computer Engineering on 17th-18th December 2011. || VIHAAN'11 (The First-ever Tech. Fest at Eternal University) organised on 10th-11th December 2011. || Workshop on Networking by C.S. Technologies, Chd. completed successfully at ACET on 9th-10th October 2011. ||Wing Commander (Retd.) Mr. Manoj Kumar takes over as the new Head, ACET. We wish him all the very success for his future endeavours at ACET. || Mr. Y. M. Kaushik takes over as the new Director, Training & Placement, Eternal University. We wish his success. || Admissions for various UGC certified UG & PG courses at Eternal University, Baru Sahib. Prospectus can be downloaded online by Clicking Here. Last date for form submission is 1st July 2011. For more details, Feel Free to call the Eternal University Admissions Office @ 01799 276012.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Eternal University: Present & Future Prospects

The First Private University Sponsored by the Sikh Community at Baru Sahib (Himachal Pradesh)

{Established under the 'Himachal Pradesh Private Universities (Establishment and Regulation) Act 2006' and Himachal Pradesh Government Notification No EDN-A-GHA (8)6/2006(Loose) dated 29 April, 2008) and UGC Act 1956, Section 2 (f) and 12 B.}

Eternal University is a world class Multi-faculty facility located in the rural and backward area of the State (Baru Sahib, District Sirmour), where there are no such higher education facilities. Academic collaborative arrangements are being worked out with a number of foreign Universities including Johns Hopkins University, Columbia University, University of Virginia, Wayne State University in the fields of Engineering, Teacher Training, Nursing & other Para-medical specialties, Public Health, and Business Administration towards international acceptance of the student turn out and ingraining into the academic processes the best practices and state-of-the-art innovations in the processes. In fact, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has already been signed for Akal College of Engineering & Technology with Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. and such arrangements for other specialties are in the pipeline.

Twenty first century expertise and technology has been introduced at Eternal University through visiting faculty from abroad. Major courses in different faculties have been developed in collaboration with these resource persons. No effort have been spared towards building academic standards of Eternal University as good as (if not better than) institutions of high repute around the world. Exchange of students and mutual transfer of course credits mechanism would also be established between Eternal University and its partners abroad. This will encourage children of several million Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) settled abroad to come back and get high quality education at highly competitive costs. This will generate (in a way) a reverse migration of the student benefiting not only the individual, but also the country.

Akal college of Engineering and Technology is producing the much needed engineers and technologists for the fast growing information technology, hydropower generation, roads and real estate development and the diverse industries in the State.

Akal College of Nursing and Health Sciences is training and providing the necessary Para-medical work-force including Nurses, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Clinical Laboratory Technologists, and healthcare professionals in general. The bachelor Degree courses in Nursing is the first one in the state, and so are programs in physical therapy and occupational therapy, a special program, where bachelors of science graduate in Chemistry Biology etc.

Akal college of Arts and Sciences with its extensive undergraduate & post-graduate academic programs will be instrumental in providing broad-based general education in Arts and Sciences to the rural population of the State.

Akal College of Naturopathy and Alternative Medicine will be a unique institution in the sense that it will combine ancient principles of healing from Ayurvedic, Chinese, Homeopathic, and Unani Medicine systems with the modern techniques and knowledge of Allopathy. It will produce a new breed of Health-Care Professional (Naturopathic Doctors), who will treat the cause of diseases rather than the symptoms, thus providing affordable and effective system of healthcare. A special program will be created where M.B.B.S./M.D (Allopathic Doctors) will be trained to practice Naturopathic Medicine. These new professional may adopt Naturopathic way of Medicine, thus helping people to get affordable and better healthcare services. Also, the college through its research activities will be instrumental in developing the desired Herbal Medicines Industry.

Akal College of Public Health (again the First One of its kind in the State or perhaps in the country) will educate and train a new cadre of Healthcare Professionals, who will create mechanism and infra-structure in the State to prevent diseases, predict and stop epidemics, and bring about the general awareness about good health & wellness among the people. As per World Health Organization (WHO) statistics, spending one dollor in prevention saves ten dollors in treatment, saving the State Crores of Rupees. Also population with good health will generate more productive work-force, thus, helping the State to establish sustainable industrial and economic base.

State with its fast-growing industrial base can utilize well-trained Business Managers, who are well-versed with the modern technique of management and can compete in the Global Markets. Towards this end, Akal College of Business Administration will play an essential role in producing first-rate Business Managers, who could be the envy of the world. Special academic programs will be developed focusing on real estate development, tourism and hospitality industries, where first growth is feasible to be realized keeping in view the enormous potential.

Eternal University has been established and is being operated as a non-profit institution of higher learning. Its sole purpose, therefore, is to impart high quality education and training to the people and preparing them for the job markets of present and future.

The Kalgidhar Trust (The parent body of Eternal University) has a long history of serving the rural population of India. With its 52 Akal Academies, Akal Charitable Hospital, Akal De-Addiction Centers, Akal Senior Citizen Home, Akal Destitute Women Home, Akal Orphanage for children (all located in rural areas), it is natural step forward to establish Eternal University at Baru Sahib in rural area and carry the mission of service to humanity to the next level..

The main campus of Eternal University will be designed by world famous Architects who have already designed more than fifty campuses around the world including big names in Academics. It will be a big tourist attraction.

The architecture of Eternal University will mix the old (Nalanda/Texila)) architecture with Goethic and the contemporary style. The campus once finished will be a thing of beauty in 'The Valley of Divine Peace - Baru Sahib.'

Eternal University will be a world-class international institute of higher learning, befitting truly in the image of State becoming 'The Education Hub of India'. The infusion of more than 500 crore rupees (estimated cost of the infra-structure for Eternal University ), into the local economy will certainly be welcome gesture and needed economic stimulant. Additionally, creation of several thousands good paying jobs will be a well-deserved bonus to the people in the area.

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